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About us

(Drug. Vet.) Paweł Stefanowicz Vet. - the owner and the menager of the Veterinary Clinic „Retina”. He graduated from the faculty of veterinary medicine – Wrocław Agricultural University (2002).

In his previous work in a large veterinary clinic has gained experience in small pets internal diseases treatment and surgery. He is the author of scientific publications in the professional press. Ophtamology and neurology are the subjects of his special interest and medical practice. He completed specialitt training in opthamology at Luxembourg University in Esavas course.

As one of the few veterinarians in Poland and so far the only one in Galicia, he performs cataract removal using phacoemulsification method which allows the restoration of vision in animals with advanced cataract. He also uses opthalmic microsurgical procedures allowing to treat glaucoma and corneal ulcers.

Neurology is also a field of Paweł Stefanowicz paticular interest and activity. „Retina” clinic is prepared to provide specialist neurological services such as myelography spine contrast, collecting and testing cerebrospinal fluid and spinal operations.

(Drug. Vet.) Maciej Rudnicki Vet. - graduated from the faculty od veterinary medicine – Warsaw Agricultural University (SGGW) (2011). He is an internist. He specializes in cardiology and anaesthesia. During surgery he cares for the safety of anaesthesia.

(Drug.Vet.) Michał Szeląg Vet. - graduated from the faculty of veterinary medicine – Lublin Agrocultural University (2011). He deals with internal treatment of small animals. Orthopedics and dentistry are his particular activity.

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