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Certyfikat badania chorób dziedzicznych oczu psów. Mikrochirurgia. Operacje zaćmy

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Weterynarz Kraków - Dębniki, Ruczaj.

Wieloletnie doświadczenie internistyczne i chirurgiczne

EKG, USG, RTG, Endoskopia


Welcome to Paweł Stefanowicz's Veterinary Clinic „Retina”. Small and accompanying pets as cats, rodents, lagomorphs and furbearing animals are our main interest. The clinic offers a wide range in the field of internal medicine and surgery as well as specialized ophtamology and neurology services. It is possible to make complete hematology and blood chemistry tests, X-Rays and ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and eyes in „Retina” clinic. We also do swabs, microbiological examinations and PAP smears. A wide range of services also includes the „culture” cares such as the optimal mating period arrangement, insemination, pregnancy keeping and perinatal help. Besides, we have the possibility to make a detailed eye examination using highly specialized equipment (intraocular pressure measurement, biomicroscopy, fundus examination).

We can also arrange regular consultations with the best veterinary medicine specialists (e.g. cardiology, reproduction, orthopedics).

Our offer:

-        surgery (both orthopedics and soft tissue)

-        microsurgical procedures using high-end operating microscope from Carl Zeiss Optics, and microsurgical tools

-        neurology (diagnosis and treatment)

-        ophtamology (diagnosis and treatment; electronic intraocular pressure measurement; slit examination; gonioscopy; fundus examination)

-        certified ophtalmic test for inherted diseases according to the scheme suggested by ECVO

-        anaesthesiology – high security anaesthesia thanks to the individual choice of the best available medicines, preoxygenation and inhalation anaesthesia which can be very important with cardiac and oncology diseases of eldery patients

-        particular emphasis placed on the appropriate pain treatment during and after surgery

-        dermatology (microscopic; hormonal and histopatological examinations)

-        orthopedics (diagnosis including joint testing for hip displasia and its surgery)

-        cardiology (radiology diagnosis and ECG)

-        dentistry (deposits and plaque removal by ultrasonic scaling; extractions)

-        reproduction (the optimal mating period arrangement; insemination; pregnancy keeping and delivery help)

-        blood transfusions

-        blood tests (hematology and biochemical profile tests; bloog smears most of which are done on the spot)

-        microbiological cultures and antibiotic susceptibility

-        internal diseases diagnosis and treatment

-        microchips implantation and EU passports (entry to the international database)

-        X-Ray

-        digital ultrasound

-        ECG

-        endoscopy (gastroscope and bronchoscope)